Types of Antenna Arrays

Broadside antenna array  It consists of parallel placement of identical elements at an angle of ninety degrees to the axis of the antenna forming a bidirectional radiation pattern often used in combination with a reflector antenna which reflects the transmitted wave in the backward direction. Broadside antenna is the most widely used type of antenna … Read more

Types of Antenna Connectors

Antennas with SMA connector  These types of connectors are small in size and are semi-precision threaded types and which are used to terminate the antennas of any designated frequency mainly used in wireless systems.  Antennas with RP-SMA connectors These are similar to SMA connectors with the major differentiation factor being the reversal of the inner … Read more

Types of Antennas 

Here we explained different Types of Antennas used in mobile communication, satellite communication, wireless communication. Different Types of Antenna Helical antenna  Helical antennas are composed of a wire that is conducting in nature and it is wound like a screw thread which assumes the shape of a helix, hence it is named so. The centre conductor is … Read more