12 Different Types of Daggers

Types of Daggers

A dagger is a small weapon with two sharp edges and a pointed tip. The dagger was a typical short-range combat weapon used explicitly for stabbing or thrusting. In human history, many cultures used different types of daggers to perform certain rituals, making them symbolic and iconic tools. The dagger had adopted a definite design … Read more

12 Different Types of Whips with Pictures

types of whips

The whip is used to control animals or humans by exerting pain and fear. It is a simple stick or a chord/ flip tied to a handle. Whips are made of different materials, with leather from horses, cows and goats being the most common material. They may also be made from artificial materials such as … Read more

17 Most Popular Types of Dragons in Mythology with Pictures

Dragons are one of the oldest mythological creatures believed to have existed many years ago. They have a rich history, and they continue to grace our television shows, books, and films today. These creatures are valued in many cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. This article looks at how dragons came into existence and … Read more

Types of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex disorder of the brain which is characterized by the absence of the ability to distinguish between whatever that is being experienced in everyday life is real or the individual’s imagination. Individuals who are suffering from schizophrenia also impacts the thinking process and the overall normal functioning of the brain. Schizophrenia also … Read more

Types of Sins in the Bible

Here different types of Sins are explained. Know about various types of sins. Here are some of the examples shown. Greed Sin It is widely recognised that the perusal of money, as well as power, is the characteristic inherent nature of the human race. Individuals set up a series of goals for themselves that they … Read more

Types Of Soil in India

Enormous types of soils in India according to its composition, quality, place-wise formation, and geographical structure. Before knowing about several types of soil let us take a glimpse of ‘what is soil’. Soil is the mixtures of rock debris and organic material which develop on the surface of earth (Soil has been developed over a period … Read more

Types of Wounds

Based on the cause, site and depth, wounds can be differentiated as: Open or closed wounds Wounds can be either open or closed. The wounds that are accompanied by exposure of the underlying tissue or organs and visible to the naked eye are classified as open wounds. Wounds that are formed which do not have … Read more

Types of Rainfall

There are mainly 5 types of rainfall all over the world. Relief rainfall. Frontal rainfall. Convectional rainfall. Mechanism rainfall. Intensity rainfall. RELIEF RAINFALL  Relief rainfall can also be known as “Orographic rainfall”. Orographic rain occurs because of the orogenies process, which basically is a mountain building process. When crustal plates come horizontally, it either comes … Read more

Types of Mice

Here we explained types of mice (mouse) life span, Size, Life Cycle, Sound, weight. House mouse Also known as Mus musculus, the house mouse is the most commonly present mouse in our house. The house mouse is usually grey-brown or yellow-brown in colour and it can reach up to a maximum head to body length … Read more

Types of Elephants

We know the elephant to be the biggest living vertebrate in the Animalia realm. The various elephants structure the family known as the Elephantidae, which is important for the request of Proboscidea, a gathering of eutherian warm-blooded animals. Types of Elephants There are two different elephants: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Albeit both … Read more