Types Of Soil in India

Enormous types of soils in India according to its composition, quality, place-wise formation, and geographical structure. Before knowing about several types of soil let us take a glimpse of ‘what is soil’. Soil is the mixtures of rock debris and organic material which develop on the surface of earth (Soil has been developed over a period … Read more

Types of Rainfall

There are mainly 5 types of rainfall all over the world. Relief rainfall. Frontal rainfall. Convectional rainfall. Mechanism rainfall. Intensity rainfall. RELIEF RAINFALL  Relief rainfall can also be known as “Orographic rainfall”. Orographic rain occurs because of the orogenies process, which basically is a mountain building process. When crustal plates come horizontally, it either comes … Read more

Types of Land in Ecosystem

The mankind’s existence throughout history has taken place in land areas that sustained agriculture, habitat, and several other natural resources. A number of life forms involving terrestrial plants and terrestrial animals have developed from previously existing species which thrived in water bodies. The varying types of land are recognized as biomes. These are classified into … Read more