17 Most Popular Types of Dragons in Mythology with Pictures

Dragons are one of the oldest mythological creatures believed to have existed many years ago. They have a rich history, and they continue to grace our television shows, books, and films today. These creatures are valued in many cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. This article looks at how dragons came into existence and … Read more

Types of Vampires

The different types of vampires are following: Vintage vampires  Vintage vampires are the most commonly identified vampires. The Count Dracula vampire is the best-known vampire of this class. The vampires of this group are usually found sleeping with their arms together and crossed within proximity to their shoulders. Vintage vampires are generally found donning fabulous coats … Read more

Types of Demons with Names

Here is the list of different types of demons. Jackalope Jackalope is a type of demon that is mainly seen as a common occurrence by prey animals and it is not a preferred choice of a demon by the summoners. The characteristic feature of jackalope is its ability to appear as a hare along with … Read more