Types of Antenna Connectors

Antennas with SMA connector 

These types of connectors are small in size and are semi-precision threaded types and which are used to terminate the antennas of any designated frequency mainly used in wireless systems. 

Antennas with RP-SMA connectors

These are similar to SMA connectors with the major differentiation factor being the reversal of the inner interface of the connector and hence it is known as reverse polarity (RP). 

Antennas with N-type connector

This type of connector is put into use in antennas which requires transmission of radio frequencies in a wide range of external conditions and it has proven to be effective durable both in terms of performance as well as design. 

Antennas with MMCX connector 

The use of small snap-on connectors is the major specification of antennas with Micro-Miniature CoaXial (MMCX) connectors and they generally made of brass and its pins are surrounded by PTFE dielectric and its application is mainly in the areas of wireless communication. 

Antennas with TNC connector 

These types of connectors protect the antennas from shock as well as vibrations and they are also known for waterproofing. The insulators in these connectors are made from PTFE. 

Antennas with RF- TNC connectors 

The reverse polarity TNC connectors are mainly used in wireless products and cellular networking, radar as well as testing and measurements. 

Antennas with U.FL connectors 

A small radio frequency connector which is used for internal antennas is mainly applied where connectivity is required in congested spaces. 

Antennas with FME connectors

These types of connectors are used in antennas where mobility is needed and it stands for For Mobile Equipment.

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