Types of Accounts With Examples

Here we can know how many types of accounts are there and what is the difference between them. Types of Accounts Here 9 types of accounts listed below: Asset Account The term asset refers to the things or items that have a definite value and are essentially under the control of a business or a … Read more

Types of Equity Shares

The term equity shares are used to define the number of funds that have been put into the business by its owner who is either a single proprietor or a group of investors. Those who invest capital in the said business entity take home the profits when the business does well and at the same … Read more

Types of Mutual Funds in India

Here we explain the different types of Mutual Funds. Check the list with explanation. Types of Mutual Funds in India Based on Asset Class Equity Funds  These are also called stock funds as they mainly involve investment in the stock markets. These types of funds bring together investors from different portfolios and enable them to … Read more