12 Different Types of Daggers

Types of Daggers

A dagger is a small weapon with two sharp edges and a pointed tip. The dagger was a typical short-range combat weapon used explicitly for stabbing or thrusting. In human history, many cultures used different types of daggers to perform certain rituals, making them symbolic and iconic tools. The dagger had adopted a definite design … Read more

12 Different Types of Whips with Pictures

types of whips

The whip is used to control animals or humans by exerting pain and fear. It is a simple stick or a chord/ flip tied to a handle. Whips are made of different materials, with leather from horses, cows and goats being the most common material. They may also be made from artificial materials such as … Read more

28 Different Types of Swords by Name & Origin [Pictures]

Types of Swords

The sword is a famous weapon associated with many legends, such as the Japanese Samurais. Swords are a great part of many histories around the world. These weapons symbolize strength, power, authority, and protection. It takes constant practice to master the art of using a sword. They were the weapon of choice in the ancient … Read more

22 Different Types of Spears with Pictures


The spear is a wooden pole weapon with a sharp pointed end. The sharp end is usually made of solid material such as iron, bone, steel or obsidian. When going to fights, a spear can be thrown or thrust at an enemy. The spear head often takes the shape of a leaf or a triangle. … Read more