Types of Demons with Names

Here is the list of different types of demons.


Jackalope is a type of demon that is mainly seen as a common occurrence by prey animals and it is not a preferred choice of a demon by the summoners. The characteristic feature of jackalope is its ability to appear as a hare along with a pair of antlers adorning its head on the front. Even though the jackalope type of demon runs away in a fight, its agility and extremely pointed teeth make it very dangerous to tackle.


One of the common among all the demons is known as Mite and these are often devoured as food by other classes of demons. The mite is considered to be the smallest in the category of demons. Scarab Mites are the strongest among the Mite demon category. The Mite demons often change their colour ranging from dull brown to livid colours. These demons take the shape of huge airborne beetles. When grown to their maximum size, the Scarab demons form a dangerous stinger in addition to their robust mandibles which is capable of causing paralysis in their prey. 

Will – O’- The – Wisp

Resembling a wyrdlight, the Will – O’- The – Wisp demon is seen as a mass of blue appearing as a globe in structure. These types of demons are one of the most predatory creatures and might fool an individual with their beautiful outside appearance but have the shape of a lacklustre glow-worm in the inside. They can drag their prey into their chosen marshes of swampy lands and traps them into masses of sand that ultimately sinks them and causes death after which the demon drinks off their blood. 


A demon which resembles a rat in shape, lavellan consists of double fangs which are extremely pointless and it also contains pointed and piercing incisors along with a characteristic thick tail similar to that of a worm. The poison excluded from the fangs of the Lavellan demon has effects that are essentially the same as that of a snake and causes extreme unbearable pain and in the absence of proper treatment, it can also cause death. 


Seen in a shape that is strikingly similar to that of a lizard, the pyrausta class of demons are endowed with the body features of an insect namely the joints that are divided into various segments and are derived from a beetle’s framework but its wings are originated from that of a butterfly’s which are very delicate and fragile. The most important possession that a Pyrausta has is its ability to get embedded into different arrays of colours because of which it becomes one with the surrounding environment. The pyrausta demons consist of an extremely powerful sting along with eyes that resemble that of an insect and antenna which makes these types of demons receptive to the stimulus of heat and movement.


Baku is often termed as a pig resembling a demon and its identifying features include a trunk similar to that of an elephant along with the presence of a tusk and a body which resembles a tiger because of having bright orange fur. 


Similar in appearance to a dragonfly, the damsel is classified as an insect-like demon with a shimmering body and the presence of four wings. These demons are amazingly fast in the air and have excellent navigation capabilities. These demons have extremely potent sting even more than that of the Mite.


These types of demons contain very large and sharp teeth and in the place of their paws, segments of bone endowed blades are present. These types of demons are most reputable for their attacking mode.


Looking like a toad with the presence of a beak and outer body similar to that of a turtle, the Kappa demon is characterised by a hollow cavity on the head which is rumoured to be capable of storing water in times of need. 


A demon which is a characteristic serpent, coatl can be of a wide variety of colors with feathers in the place of scales which are used by this type of demon to cross the expanse of trees and for attacking its prey. The aspect of coatl which makes it extremely dangerous is the venom which disables its prey by causing paralysis and gradually causes its death which it later swallows completely.


A demon has features of both cats as well as owls, the gryphowl ‘s main attacking features include claws that are extremely sharp and collapsible along with a beak. Gryph Owls are demons that are highly preferred because of their intellectual abilities as well as their maneuverability in the air which makes them very fast and efficient. 


This type of demon consists of a pair of antennas along with a relatively less sharp set of teeth, claws and horns but the demon itself is extremely powerful because of its bulky size and strength.


This type of demon consists of a spiked tail and two large and sharp teeth and it resembles an otter in appearance. Lutra is water-loving demons and often choose lakes and rivers as their habitat.


This type of demon has a structure resembling both that of a bat as well as a bird. The characteristic feature of this class of demons is the absence of feathers and its wings are formed by tissue lying in between its claws. The identifying features of this type of demon is the presence of sentiments resembling a bird and a long hollow dent in its head along with a beak.


These types of demons that are similar to birds in appearance are very dangerous and contain feathers that are long and black with a beak that is in the shape of a hook and a borrow on the top of its head resembling a rooster.


The Strix looks similar to an owl but with the presence of four limbs along with feathers that are tinged with red colour making them look sinister.


Looking like a cross between a cow and deer, this type of demon contains feet which are clove shaped and horns that are curved and keep changing their positions along with fur that has white and black stripes. 

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