Types of Vampires

The different types of vampires are following:

Vintage vampires 

Vintage vampires are the most commonly identified vampires. The Count Dracula vampire is the best-known vampire of this class. The vampires of this group are usually found sleeping with their arms together and crossed within proximity to their shoulders. Vintage vampires are generally found donning fabulous coats and living in magnificent castles. These types of vampires are usually terrified of garlic and prefer sleeping in a huge coffin. Vintage vampires also are notorious for taking off flying away in the night by transforming in a bat and then prey on unassuming souls and drink their blood.

Sparkling vampires 

The most disliked among all the known vampires come under the category of sparkling vampires. The vampires from the fiction series Twilight are sparkling vampires. Vampires are generally assumed to be extremely terrifying and any action of theirs which deviates from this popular belief is hard to believe as depicted in the show. These vampires are called sparkling vampires as they exhibit a sparkling appearance at the night time thus they do not appear as scary as the conception associated with vampires is usually considered. Vampires are generally regarded as unsolved enigmas and in shows like Blade, these vampires portray an anti-hero character.

Animalistic vampires 

One of the most famously known vampires is the category of animalistic vampires. They are also the most eccentric vampires as they are endowed with a humongous build-up making them massive in appearance.

Animalistic vampires are formed when a human is a bit by different types of vampires or when a vampire is subjected to torture and kept isolated without food for a long duration.

The rage associated with animalistic vampires prevents them from utilizing their intelligence and psychic abilities to the fullest. 

Leyak vampires 

Leyak vampires are one of the most popular vampires hailing from the land of Bali. They are usually absolutely opposite to their paradise-like land Bali. Leyak vampires are extremely fond of flying and their vital organs are all left hanging from a neck which is almost cut off. The disfigured faces of leyak vampires can give sleepless nights to even the bravest of souls. Tales spread about leyak vampires include blood-sucking horror stories especially those of the newborns. 

Ekimmu vampires 

Referred to as the evil wind gust, ekimmu vampires are one of the most known vampires since ancient times. These vampires were predominantly found in the Mesopotamian era.

These vampires were considered as reincarnated from the dead in a wind like a form and possess the ability to suck away the life of all the innocent creatures who have the misfortune of coming in their paths.

These vampires were thought to spring into life from the death of those individuals who lost their lives due to death in a battlefield, murder, drowning or death due to starvation. 

Asema vampires 

One of the most historically known types of vampires is the asema vampires. The most characteristic feature of asema vampire is that they are in a form that resembles humans during the day and at night, these asema vampires are notorious for shedding their skin and get transformed into an evil form. Asema vampires fly through the air and unknowingly sneak into homes and suck off the blood of all the individuals whom they counter. Their classic ability to most lethally and swiftly in attacking their prey makes them one of the most terrifying vampire types. The asema vampires have been thought to be petrified with the use of garlic and nails and these can be used in fighting these deadly vampires.

Penanggal vampires

The most characteristic feature of penanggal vampires is its unique head making it an ogre type of vampire. These vampire types were thought to be originated from Malaysia and are thought to mysteriously take on attractive female forms.

These penanggal vampires then discard their head and take flight into the darkness of the night thereby leaving behind a tale of destruction.

Kallikantzaros vampires

Originating in the Greek era, kallikantzaros vampires were thought to be taking form during the time of Christmas and on the onset of the twelfth night. It is during this period that these vampires are established as a danger to humans.

These vampires are mostly found in the countryside and take shelter in caves and roam free during the night. These kallikantzaros vampires are endowed with talon-like fingers, and they appear as demolish creatures who attach their unsuspecting prey and suck off their blood. 

Mortal vampires 

These were known to be some of the oddest types of vampires as they were in supreme rage and cause extremely painful death of those whom they attack. 

Incubus vampires 

These types of vampires are sexual vampires and are extremely vicious. They take on the personality of those individuals whose homes they invade and cause exhaustion of the energy of these individuals and even haunt them in their dreams.

Krvopijac vampires 

This category of vampires almost resembles normal vampires except the presence of only one nostril. Ancient tales involving the destruction of these types of vampires by enclosing them in a bottle and subjecting them to the fire are most commonly told. 

Lamia vampires 

These vampires were extensively found in the areas of Greece and Rome. They are mostly female vampires appearing half human and half animal who gorge on both the flesh as well as the blood of their victims. 

Rakshasa vampires 

These types of vampires mainly originated in the Indian subcontinent and their characteristic feature was the human appearance with the presence of animal components such as claws, fangs and slitted eyes. They were rumoured to appear most often in tiger form. 

Vrykolakas vampires 

These vampires were found in the 17 th century in Greece. Vrykolakas vampires had a close resemblance to the werewolf family. These vampires are thought to be dead souls brought to life and spread death those living in those areas. If a corpse on retrieval appears to be resistant to decay and becomes bloated, it is assumed to become a vrykolakas vampire


What types of vampires are there in sims4?

The types of vampires in sims4 are :
1. Vampire Family (under the Family Aspirations category)
2. Master Vampire (under the Knowledge Aspirations category)
3. Good Vampire (under the Popularity Aspirations category.

The types of vampires in v wars?

The types of vampires in v wars are blood vampires and Vourdalaks vampires.

Which types of wood can kill vampires?

Ash, aspen, willow, and juniper are often the choice of wood to kill vampires. The most common stake of choice is used is carved from hawthorn wood.

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