Types of Axes

Types of axes based on purpose and Use. Some are for wood-cutting Axes, and some are metal-cutting Axes. Here we differentiate the different kinds of Axes.

Different Types of Axes

Different Types of Axes and their uses- Medieval, Weapon, Viking Axes, Battle Axes, Ice Axes, Hand Axes

Tactical Axe

A tactical axe is a multipurpose tool, and it is also known as a tactical tomahawk. It is mainly used for work by various sections of law enforcement officers, soldiers, and security staff. This ax’s primary purpose is chopping, but it can also use for other uses such as a shovel, pry bar, and a hammer. The tactical axe is also an excellent close-range weapon. It is an ideal choice for camping trips for carrying out various purposes such as chopping wood that is needed for building campfires, digging holes, and it is also helpful for cooking. These axes are used for tough works as they are made up of steel and are very strong.

Grub Axe

The grub axe consists head ax blade at a vertical angle and an adze on which is the longer blade placed at the horizontal angle on different sides and is also known as cutter mattock. The primary purpose of this axe is grubbing in compacted soil and rough terrains. Since these axes are very useful for digging holes, they are the preferred axes for gardening, and they help in the plantation of new plants and are also capable of breaking the resistance of the roots of the old plants. 

Felling Axe

The felling axes are excellent tools that are used to cut trees and chop wood logs. A long handle in these types of axes helps in imparting a more powerful swing that provides enhanced leverage, thereby helping in executing a better cut. The blades of this axe are flared in shape, and they contain a sharp and thin tip. The felling axes made by hickory wood provide excellent strength for the felling small trees and branches. 

Forest Axe 

The forest axes are extremely robust axes, and their only function is to help the felling of trees. They are very heavy axes, and it isn’t easy to carry them from place to place while going for camping trips. The forest axes are equipped with long handles and blades which are sharp and flared with a slightly curved tip. 

Hudson Bay Axe 

This type of axe is a medium-sized axe for chopping logs for firewood. It can also be used as a multipurpose tool for various other tasks such as more minor chopping and splitting jobs. Because of its less heavy build, the Hudson Bay axe is the preferred type of axe which is taken for camping trips. 


This type of axe is the most commonly used axe for individuals who need to carry out light jobs in the yard of their homes, such as felling of small trees and chopping and splitting logs. It is an all-purpose tool and they are relatively smaller than other types of axes and are made from hickory wood. This axe is equipped with a sharp blade and is an excellent tool for providing accurate cuts and swings and hence it helps make the job easier and faster. 

Splitting Maul

The splitting maul ax’s primary purpose is splitting logs into kindling and consisting of a long wooden handle that helps provide a good and accurate swing. The head of the splitting maul axe is in the shape of a chunky wedge, and it cuts against the grain of the wood which results in split wood.

Broad Axe

The broad ax’s primary purpose is turning the round edge lumber into flat-edged timber in a process which is called as hewing and hence the broad axe is also known as hewing axe. This is the type of axe that the carpenters mostly use, and it contains a blade that is flat and on the other side a broad-edged blade which is helpful for chopping. 

Carpenter’s Axe

This type of axe is specially designed for fine woodworks, and it is a small axe that contains a very straight and sharp blade that imparts very accurate cuts. The presence of a notch on the blade also provides better grip and precise control. 

Miner’s Axe

This axe has been used traditionally by miners to extract precious metals such as copper and silver ores. This type of axe is ideal for use in close quarters as it contains a long handle and short head. 

Double Bit Axe 

The double bit ax’s main feature is the presence of two blades, one of which is sharp and the other one is blunt. The sharp blade is useful for chopping wood and trees, and the direct side can use for splitting the wood into smaller pieces for firewood. 

Viking Axe 

These exceptionally well-balanced and lightweight axes were used as very swift weapons during the Viking age. This ax head’s bearded shape had many uses, such as hooking an opponent’s ankle for tripping and hooking their shield out of harm’s way. The blades of these axes are incredibly sharp, and the blunt butt of these axes can use for imparting blows to the opponents. 

Pick Axe

A pickaxe is a T-shaped tool made up of wood or fiberglass and is mainly used for gardening. The pickaxe head consists of one side of the head that is a pick and the other side of the head is a pointed pick. 

How to Choose the Best Axe?

Depending on getting the axe, it can be either a single bit or double bit which contains two cutting edges. Other factors that should consider while acquiring an axe are the ax’s weight, handle length, handle material make, and whether the handle is curved or straight. 

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