Types of Candy in Color and Taste

Candy means something that’s sweetie, creamy fully coated with chocolate sometimes juicy & salty too. Juat because of varieties , different types of colors and tastes candies are able to lift up our mood .

Varieties of candies are dependent on sugar crystals size, sugar concentration, types of sugar and colour.

Types of Candy

Normal sugar or sucrose is used for making candies by melting or deliquescing it in water, some other process are alos there for making candy cristal.

We’re going to know a list of candies that’s world wide famous.

Astros Candy

This is manufactured by Cadbury. A biscuits type candy coated with chocolate, firstly launched in the United Kingdom , Canada ,  the US and South Africa  in the year of 1997.

Massam’s Candy

Commonly this candy is from South Africa , found in varieties as like almond ,honey chashew, etc.

Deuk- Deuk Tong

The second name of Deuk Deuk is Ding Ding Tong , available in sesame and ginger flavours.

Dragon’s Beard candy

It is a type of cotton candy from china , a handmade traditional sweet in china as like spun sugar. It was practiced during Han dynasty of China.

Orange Jelly Candy

This type of sweetie food specially , stores in Hong Kong , an orange flavour jelly based candy as like name.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

The manufacturer of this candy is Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food , Ltd. This is litterly differ from other candies because of chewy texture and cylinders form , wrapped with printed wrapper and one more thin wrapper inside of this outer wrapper , made from sticky rice , an edible wrapper. This creamy candy comes in many flavours and taste.

How flakes

The shape of this candy is like disc and comes in flavour of sweet & tangy and made from how berry fruit.

Dairy milk

Cadbury , a big brand , the manufacturer of Dairy milk in India. It’s a milk chocolate bar that’s why named Dairy milk and committed that every bar of Dairy milk has a glass and a half of milk.

Kit Kat

Big brand Nestle is manufacturer of KitKat. It is also a milk chocolate bar  like Dairy milk but with crunchiness of wafers which give you a fun break.

Beacon sweets & Chocolate

Beacon is a confectionery company which provides a majority of candies, produce softy sweetie.


It is flavouring & famous chocolate in Colombia made from corea beans in form of Milky Candy.

Galaxy Bar

It is creamy flavored chocolate found in United Kingdom.


It is a herbal fresh Candy that got number 1 position in Brazil and also world wide famous chewing gum brand.


These candies , looked like button – shape with ‘M’ print on one side. M&M’s are sticky colourful candy comes in several variety.


Meiji candies are manufactured by Meiji Seika in Japan , comes with the flavor of cheese, black pepper, jasmine basil and salt etc.

Pucca chocolate

Also manufactured by Meiji Seika , a candy with creamy , chocolate and also comes in flavour of milk & strawberry.

Botan Rice candy

It’s manufactured by JFC international , a type of chewy candies , come with amazing funy sticker for children.


It is  a sweet candy of Korea including the taste of melted sugar & baking soda.


Manufactured in Austria comes in candy refill pack with famous cartoon character.


comes in flavour of raspberry & traditionally with combination of melty crisp crust. Cuberdon is differ shape candy from rounded shape candy , get in cone shape.

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles comes with amazing combination of icing sugar , cocoa powder , and chopped toasted nuts available in curved shape.


 on the occasion of Kitchen God Festival or the little new year in  China, people offer zeotang to make tounge sweeten, the second name of this candy is Guandong tong. Zeotang can be in flavour of millet, barnyard millet, rice, corn or barley malt etc. They’re produced during the time of Kitchen God Festival . In short zeotang means a melty sticky candy with spacial crispy & flagrant taste.

Swedish Fish

It’s a fish – shaped , chewy type candy and calls them a fat free and gluten free food . Swedish fish comes in different flavors and colour including sugar , invert sugar , corn syrup , corn – starch , citric acid etc.

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