Types of Spears with Pictures

Types of spears

The spear was basically the oldest weapon of mankind and has already had a decisive influence on the development of mankind in the Paleolithic.Let’s know some ancient types of spear.

Long before the ancient spears primitive man went hunting with stone knives, axe and bow, he used long, pointed sticks to get hold of his prey. By far the oldest relic of a spear was a wooden spearhead from Essex, England – it was estimated to be around 400,000 years old!

Spear and lance were successfully used as weapons for thousands of years – they dominated the armies of the Greek hoplites and Roman legionaries, the medieval armies and mercenaries of the 30 Years War and only lost their importance as a weapon of war in the middle of the 20th century when the Polish Uhlans were the last Representatives of the spear riding were finally abolished in 1949

Here are some of the important Spears that played a major role in history.

Different types of spears with pictures

Migration Period spear

The Migration period spear was a special weapon of the Germanic warriors at the time of migration period and the middle ages. This spear otherwise the lance was used along with the bow, a sword and a shield.

The migration period spear was attested to a name called Ger, the Ger and the cognates are the frequent names of the medieval period. The term has survived in the higher German as Gerh which means Gusset or Spear.



The bayonet was a French weapon which looks like a sword or a dagger designed in such a way that it fits at the end of the muzzle for a rifle or similar firearms. This will allow the rifle holder to even use it as a sword. This was a main weapon in the seventeenth century until world war one, serving the purposes of infantry warriors.

Types of Spear from Asia


Arbir, an Indonesian weapon which was a five feet long weapon, comes with two weapons on either side. One was the knife-like structure and the second one a pointing spear. It also comes with a shallow groove which allows the weapon holder to determine the sharp side of the weapon.


The Dangpa or otherwise Dang Pa was a Joseon Dynasty sword of Korea. The weapons design was specially made in such a way that it has to sharp ends on either side.

On one side of the Dangpa will be a three-point sword, in which two are crooked that reduces the chances of weapon stuck in the body and the middle point was longer than the other two.

On the other end of the sword, there was a one-point long spear. This lets the user to defend the enemies from either side in the combat.


The Gichang a Korean spear described as Muyesinbo, a Korean martial arts manual published in 1759.

This weapon comes with a spear to which a flag was attached as if a pole. The Gichang which means a short spear was about 2.75meters long and a 23-centimetre blade was attached to the pole. The Gichang in Korean history was used in ceremonies and horse riding and cavalry fights.

Other than these there are other spears that are popular in the Asian continent that include

Some of asian types of spear names

Types of Spear from Europe


The ahlspiess which was also named under awl pike was a weapon developed and was commonly used in Austria and Germany in the 15th and 16th centuries.

This was a spear with a long thin spike that comes of 39 inches and has a wooden shaft for grip. At the bottom of the spike where the shaft was attached, there was a metal plate which acts as a guard to protect hands. Well, most of the Ahlspiess are thin there are some of them which come in thick spikes.

Boar spear

The boar spear which does not play much of a part in the History it was a 15th-century weapon most commonly used at those times to hunt boars.

The Boar spear was specially made such that it has a single spear with two side wings that help in not penetrating completely through the animal. And the spears are short in size and used to be a little heavy in weight. The Bohemian earspoon was also a similar weapon with similar technology confined not only to Europe but also some other countries in the 14th century.


This 16th and 19th-century weapon was a war weapon that was used for both infantry and civilians. This weapon was most likely a sliding blade with long-handled out the front gravity knife.

The head of the Brandistock used to be either a single tip spear or a trio of ling thing pointed shafts.


Other than these there are other spears that are popular in the Europe continent that include.Here Some of the european types of spear names.



Horseback spears

Other than the continental historical spears, there are also spears that were meant for horsebacks which were spread all over the world. Some types of horseback spear names,


These are the type of spears that were made of long shafts to which a pointed spear was attached. The Barcha was south Asian origin weapon from the 16th century which was light in weight and easier to carry while in war or any armed combat.

The Kontos, on the other hand, was a Greek origin weapon most used at the south of German as a pike. On a note, the Lance was a historical weapon which has its origins from Madival warfare spreading in most of the countries in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.



Here different types of spear tools used for war and life survival.While most of the Spears from the history are meant for wars and cavalry there are also tribes that made their spears to meet their hunger purposes. The spears in many origins are meant to hunt and kill animals for food.

Such spears include Harpoon that was made of wood used to be a special weapon for fishing especially whaling and sealing.

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