Types of Demons with Names

Here is the list of different types of demons. Jackalope Jackalope is a type of demon that is mainly seen as a common occurrence by prey animals and it is not a preferred choice of a demon by the summoners. The characteristic feature of jackalope is its ability to appear as a hare along with … Read more

Types of Axes

Types of axes based on purpose and Use. Some are for wood-cutting Axes, and some are metal-cutting Axes. Here we differentiate the different kinds of Axes. Different Types of Axes Different Types of Axes and their uses- Medieval, Weapon, Viking Axes, Battle Axes, Ice Axes, Hand Axes Tactical Axe A tactical axe is a multipurpose … Read more

22 Different Types of Spears with Pictures


The spear is a wooden pole weapon with a sharp pointed end. The sharp end is usually made of solid material such as iron, bone, steel or obsidian. When going to fights, a spear can be thrown or thrust at an enemy. The spear head often takes the shape of a leaf or a triangle. … Read more

Types of Socks

Socks, a glossy and important part of our lifestyle. Usually when we talk about sock types, amazingly we come to know that there are lots of varieties of socks.  We can categorize types of Socks according to length like crew length socks & mid-calf length socks etc. according to occasions like formal socks & casual … Read more

Types of Mutual Funds in India

Here we explain the different types of Mutual Funds. Check the list with explanation. Types of Mutual Funds in India Based on Asset Class Equity Funds  These are also called stock funds as they mainly involve investment in the stock markets. These types of funds bring together investors from different portfolios and enable them to … Read more

Types of Farming Practiced Across the World

Farming is the major contributor of livelihood for about 70 % of people as a result of which many types of farming techniques are implemented depending on the weather conditions, type of land, availability of resources and the in-demand crops of the region for their use as well for exporting. Different types of Farming Subsistence … Read more