Types of Socks Lengths with Names and Images

Socks, a glossy and important part of our lifestyle.Usually when we talk about socks- types, amazingly we come to know that there are lots of  varieties of socks. 

Types Of Socks length with Names

We can categorize types of Socks according to length like crew length socks & mid calf length socks etc. according to occasions like formal socks & casual socks. look wise socks like split toe socks & booby socks etc and different types of socks material like cotton, wool, polyester, olefin and so on.

I knew little about the variety of socks before tune in its types and it amazed me after knowing it. Let’s tune in the types of socks , know about Ins and outs of socks types-

Different Types Of Socks lengths in picture

Types Of Socks lengths in picture

Different Types Of Socks lengths in picture

Types of scoks based on Lengthwise

Here some important types of socks like Knee,Midcalf and crew. Know the differences of these socks.

difference of Knee, crew and midcalf socks

difference of Knee, crew and midcalf socks

(1) Ankle length socks – Ankle length socks, as shown by its name , cover the area of ankles. These can be worn with sneakers and also grippy and comfortable , made by skin friendly fabric.

Types of Ankle length socks

Types of Ankle length socks

(2) Quarter length socks( Quarter socks ) – The length of these socks are longer than ankle socks, they cover the upper area of the ankle. I can wear quarter length socks with formal wear or business suits,and give proper coverage to feed . Quarter length socks keep toes safe from shoes’ irritation.

Types of Quarter socks

Types of Quarter socks

(3) Crew length socks ( Crew Socks)- The length of these socks can be 6 to 8 inches long from the heel . They are made with thick and stretchable fabric ,keep your feet worm; and also protect your feet from dust & moist dirt.

Crew length socks can be worn with formal dress or casual too , and may be worn with these socks also during sports or walking time. They’re grippy , easily washable and get wet soon.

Types of Crew Socks

Types of Crew Socks

(4) Mid calf length socks –  Mid calf socks gonna hit the below part of the calf. They are thick socks but can easily  washable. Most mid calf socks can be wear with loafers & sneakers.

Mid calf length socks

Mid calf length socks

(5) Calf length socks – Calf length socks hit the below part of the knee but goes more than mid – calf. We consider this type of socks styles with formal wear like mid calf socks. Nowadays calf length socks have several types of pattern & fabrics which are suitable for all type of seasons and occasions otherwise they are used mostly in winter seasons for keeping feet warm.

Types of Calf length socks

(6) Knee high socks – Knee high socks cover the area of the knee as shown by name. Knee socks hold the proper posture of the leg and keep it warm.


(7) Thigh high socks – These socks over the  and cover the area of  knee. These socks give a pretty look like knee high socks.

 Types of Socks based on Style

Look-wise socks


(1) Split toe socks ( Tabi socks) – these socks are also known as tabi socks or thumb socks just because of separate space for the main toe. Split toe socks can be used with slippers in a form of advantage.


(2) Toe socks – Toe socks are individually separate for each toe so thus you can say  it finger socks too.


(3) Bobby socks – These socks look like ankle length socks but have a cuff on the top edge which makes look prettier.


(4) No show socks/ Hidden socks – These are hidden socks means if you aren’t able to see them, that’s the benefit of the socks when you want to hide your socks.

 Types of Socks based on Occasion

Occasion wise socks


(1) Formal socks – These types of socks can be worn with formal clothes like business suits or any formal dress. The fabric of these socks are very comfortable knit fabric and mostly comes in formal colours like black , grey etc. usually they are calf length and over the calf length socks.


(2) Casual socks – These are non formal socks worn on less formal occasions. The fabric of Casual socks are  comfortable with a pretty fun pattern. Usually they are calf length socks.


(3)Sports socks – Ankle length, calf length or knee length socks all come under the term of sports socks. They are breathable, comfortable, These cotton socks are made of some stretchable fabric. They can give support during the sports time means while doing exercise able to hold grip and won’t slip down.


(4) Work socks – These socks have long durability quality and hold proper grip and support of the foot. These socks are not only breathable but also comfortable for long time work.  


(5) Yoga socks – When the word yoga comes in our mind we quickly take it as anything which is comfortable and good for us. Exactly, yoga socks are comfortable, cozy type and as well as good for skin too, usually ankle length like socks come under yoga socks,   some time with or sometime without toe separation.  


 (6) Winter or Thermal socks – These socks are made of thick woollen specially for winter. Although they are winter socks. These wool socks are grippy, easy to carry and well washable. 


(7)Summer socks – These socks are specially designed for cool summer. These have thin layer fabric which is easy to carry in summer.


Some Trendy socks


(1) Clock socks- Clock socks  mean an ornament design on the ankle side. Clock socks are a combination of classic – trendy socks .


(2) Tassel socks –  Tassel socks are more casual and trendy, funky in short and superb cool socks. These are handmade and unique.



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