Types of Servers – Top 10 Different Types of Servers

SERVER AND ITS TYPES : Top 10 different types of Servers we should know. It describes how actual server works.

Different Types of Servers

What Is Server?

Server is a software component which provides you a service means whatever service you seek or ask server can provide you.

Whatever you listen, watch or get any information through internet those data store in a form of server.

Because of globalization, the world around us has connected through internet either you use WhatsApp, Facebook or watching video on YouTube, or applying for any government job , all the work have done with the help of server.

Thus the work of sever is to serve you data whatever you are seeking for. It takes request from client and process request.

Server is like computer,  has RAM processor, hard disk, graphic card etc. but server has very high quality component and subtle different from normal computer.


Types Of Servers

Types of Servers


There are several types of servers which are used so let us talk about  the most used servers.


(1) File server- When we download or upload any software or download any movie & song from internet, the server working behind these services are called file server. The services of file server store in form of file/folder as it name.


(2) Print server-  When we take any type of printout from particular website it comes under the term of Print server.


(3) Mail server- Servers working behind sending and receiving mails are called mail server.


(4) Database Server-   Downloading & uploading data or documents, taking services all that are possible under the term of database server.


(5) FTP Server- The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol Server. If we want to transfer any file from one server to another, we’ll have to use FTP server.


(6) DNS Server-  DNS means Domain Name Service. When we want to open any website , there are some domains through which we open particular website it is possible with help of Domain Name Service (DNS).


(7) DHCP Server- DHCP Server means Dynamic Host Control Protocol Server. It provides automatic IP to client this server able to change your IP to name and name to IP.


(8) Application server- All the applications or apps run through application server. It manages the process between database and user or client.


(9) Web Server-  It can store, deliver & process those websites and webpages which are asked by client.

Thus whatever website we see in web browser that’s data store in web server. It uses HTTP protocol on web server to run it for communication.


(10) Game server- It’s a type of server in which user or client can take the service of gaming, for example, you download PUBG and process your login so that time PUBG application will contact main server and display the features & services of application in front of user.


These all are mostly used and on trending server apart from this , several types of server are available which are using for taking services once needed.


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