Types of Candy in Color and Taste

Candy means something that’s sweetie, creamy fully coated with chocolate sometimes juicy & salty too. Juat because of varieties , different types of colors and tastes candies are able to lift up our mood . Varieties of candies are dependent on sugar crystals size, sugar concentration, types of sugar and colour. Types of Candy Normal … Read more

Types of Antenna Arrays

Broadside antenna array  It consists of parallel placement of identical elements at an angle of ninety degrees to the axis of the antenna forming a bidirectional radiation pattern often used in combination with a reflector antenna which reflects the transmitted wave in the backward direction. Broadside antenna is the most widely used type of antenna … Read more

Types of Antenna Connectors

Antennas with SMA connector  These types of connectors are small in size and are semi-precision threaded types and which are used to terminate the antennas of any designated frequency mainly used in wireless systems.  Antennas with RP-SMA connectors These are similar to SMA connectors with the major differentiation factor being the reversal of the inner … Read more

Types of Antennas 

Here we explained different Types of Antennas used in mobile communication, satellite communication, wireless communication. Different Types of Antenna Helical antenna  Helical antennas are composed of a wire that is conducting in nature and it is wound like a screw thread which assumes the shape of a helix, hence it is named so. The centre conductor is … Read more

18 Types of Saws

Types of saws are differential by based on used type, size and model Different Types of Saw Hand Saws Hand saws are one of the most ancient types of saws. They have mostly been multidimensional in use, for example, a traditional hand saw while other types of hand saws were created for specialised uses. The … Read more

Types of Accounts With Examples

Here we can know how many types of accounts are there and what is the difference between them. Types of Accounts Here 9 types of accounts listed below: Asset Account The term asset refers to the things or items that have a definite value and are essentially under the control of a business or a … Read more

Types of Land in Ecosystem

The mankind’s existence throughout history has taken place in land areas that sustained agriculture, habitat, and several other natural resources. A number of life forms involving terrestrial plants and terrestrial animals have developed from previously existing species which thrived in water bodies. The varying types of land are recognized as biomes. These are classified into … Read more

Types of Equity Shares

The term equity shares are used to define the number of funds that have been put into the business by its owner who is either a single proprietor or a group of investors. Those who invest capital in the said business entity take home the profits when the business does well and at the same … Read more

28 Different Types of Swords by Name & Origin [Pictures]

Types of Swords

The sword is a famous weapon associated with many legends, such as the Japanese Samurais. Swords are a great part of many histories around the world. These weapons symbolize strength, power, authority, and protection. It takes constant practice to master the art of using a sword. They were the weapon of choice in the ancient … Read more

Types of Vampires

The different types of vampires are following: Vintage vampires  Vintage vampires are the most commonly identified vampires. The Count Dracula vampire is the best-known vampire of this class. The vampires of this group are usually found sleeping with their arms together and crossed within proximity to their shoulders. Vintage vampires are generally found donning fabulous coats … Read more